It’s hard being a patient. It’s unrelenting, exhausting and sometime even frightening. There is so much to know, much that is unknown and above all so much to be done in order to manage our disease.

But the process can be made easier, better and much less fearful when we have the right team behind us.

Let this place be that SAFE PLACE where knowledge and compassion meet.

Revolution Medical is more than just a clinic that promotes health and treatment for obesity and metabolic disease. It's a place that sees each patient as a person first with an individual set of needs, knowledge and abilities. We treat you where you are in order to get you to that healthy place where you want to be.

We combine evidence based practices with a strong sense of empathy to treat all patients with respect and provide them with the science and the tools to help them be healthier.

With a team of healthcare providers from a variety of disciplines we provide quality healthcare. We accept patients for the management of Obesity with referral from a primary care physician. All services are covered under the medical services plan (MSP).

This clinic was born out of a need to create a REVOLUTION in the lives of Canadian patients and in the health care system as a whole. Patients want to be better. The system needs to get better. Let this clinic be the place where these things start to happen.